Doctors – Are you Ready to Register?

Everything you need to know about GMC Registration

You’re a qualified doctor overseas and you’re keen on pursuing a medical career in the UK or Northern Ireland. You want to broaden your experience, travel , and work with world-class medical teams. But where to start the process? What do you need to do and what registration is required? At Brit Locums we can help with the process, making it as smooth and straightforward as possible, so your new medical future can get going.

In order to work as a doctor in the UK or Northern Ireland, you will need to be registered and licensed with the General Medical Council (GMC). To support your application for GMC registration, you’ll need to provide evidence of your medical education and experience. Full GMC registration, with a licence to practice means you are allowed to work in any medical setting in the UK and Northern Ireland. If you wish to take up a Consultant post (other than a Locum Consultant) in the UKs National Health Service (NHS), you will need to hold specialist registration.

How We Can Help

We are here to guide you through the whole GMC process and make it as smooth and easy as possible for you. You can find out how to register or check if you are eligible here.

Help with Language Testing

In addition, to practice as a doctor in the UK or Northern Ireland you will need to be proficient in English and demonstrate your competence in the language. The GMC uses the Professional and Linguistics Assessment Board (PLAB)* test to make sure that international doctors have the basic medical competence and communication skills to practice in the UK. To take the PLAB test you must have first successfully completed either the International Language Testing System (IELTS) and have achieved an overall score of 7.5, with minimum scores of 7 in speaking, listening, reading and writing or the Occupational English Test (OET) with a minimum Grade B in each testing area (speaking, listening, reading and writing). You can take the first part of the PLAB test in any of a variety of countries throughout the world, but you will need to take the second part in Manchester, UK.

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